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- Repair of the acid phosphoric tanks.
- Repair of the vulcanized installations.
- Manufacturing of serpent coils for the sulfuric foundry.
- Installation of 2 economizers 13 tons and 20 tons for the boilers Babcock & Wilcox.
- Reconditioning of the fertilizers unit including the manufacturing and the erection of a conditioning tower – capacity 1000 tons/day.
- Manufacturing of heating coils with expanding tubes – pressure test: 10 bars.
- Replacement of 200 tubes in one boiler Babcock & Wilcox.
- Repair of 4 heating exchangers, replacement of the tubes, reaming of holes, expanding of tubes, pressure test…
- Repair of steam super heaters on one unit of sulfuric acid, capacity 300 tons /24hr.
- Repair of 2 boilers on sulfur unit.
- Fabrication and erection of ducts and expansion joints under the supervision of Fourré Laguedec.
- Fabrication and erection of 8 casings with outlet and inlet ducts for economizers on an acid sulfuric unit of 1200 tons/day under the supervision of Fourré Laguedec.
- Manufacturing and erection of 2 steel stack height varying between 42m and 90m.